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I found a san diego source of *possible* sae.

Hoa Nguyen was inquiring about shipping available SAE. There is, what maybe 
a san diego source for SAE. BUT, and this is a big but, they may or may not 
be true sae--I cannot tell. They are extremely small and their coloring is 
not well defined. About 2 weeks ago I bought 2 of their SAE/flying foxes and 
brought them home, quite convinced they are the real thing because the black 
strip extends all the way to the tip of their snout (but not the tail). They 
have since doubled in size. Every day, however, these guys look more and 
more like flying foxes. Though the black snout is still there (but fading), 
the coloring on their sides are turning up to look more like flying foxes. 
You may try your luck for 2.99 a piece at fountain's aquarium (you'll be 
saving them too; the ones I bought have doubled in size but the ones at the 
shop are still the same size they were 2 weeks ago).

I guess you should be somewhat careful. They're hard to see when they are 
real tiny.  =)

My questions are:

Is it possible to have a cross? or is that an unholy marriage? Are they even 
the same specie?

Do baby flying foxes have the balck extend to the tip of their snout?

Toan T.

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