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CO2 loss??.

I am trying my hand at CO2 injection and have purchased all the necessary
gear for my 45 gallon tank including a pressure regulator and needle valves.
Consulting the Krib I started with 6 bubbles per minute where the gas is
collecting in an inverted container (an Eheim gravel cleaner) which is then
connected to the output of my canister filter.

I have been monitoring the pH and have seen no noticeable drop, so over the
past 3 weeks increased the bubble rate gradually to 1 bubble per second
still without any noticeable drop in pH.  Unfortunately where I come from I
cannot purchase a CO2 test kit which might give me more information. I have
no air-stones and no surface agitation and only a few plants growing in the
background.  Should I assume that the CO2 is getting lost somewhere??

Any help or advise would be really appreciated.