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Willow vs. Java moss

First, thanks to Derek Wingert for the fine coverage of "carpet"
plants.  Its nice to see it all in one place!

Secondly, Derek wrote:
> * Willow Moss- Attaches to wood and rock. Dark green. In time, it can
> spread to form lush coverings. High light.


> * Java Moss - Easy to grow.... spreads fast. However, it can become
> unruly and ugly if not pruned regularly. It also has a tendency to trap
> particulate matter, making it ugly. I use a turkey baster to clean mine.
> Java moss may not make a great-looking carpet, but it can be done. Will
> grow fine in lower light.

I've seen the names "willow moss" and "java moss" used to describe the
same plant.  What is the (correct!) distinction between the two?

David Robinson
David.Robinson at intel_com