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Re: snails

> I found out, quite by accident, that if you reduce the Ca in the water, 
> dramatically, that the snails shells will literally disolve, and the 
> snails will die off.  Then you can raise the Ca back up to wherever 
> you like it.
> > A couple of Clown Loaches cleaned out the snails in my 55gal in just a
> > couple of weeks.
> > >Is there a simple, DIY method to get rid of snails -- besides crushing them
> > >one by one (never seem to zap the last one) or tearing the tank down and
> > >starting over? I've been keeping fish for years and never had a snail
> > >infestation till now. They came with some plants I purchased from an

And how you reduce the Ca level ?

-Ivo Busko