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Carpet plants

	Subject: RE: Carpet plants

One of the best carpet plants I have used is Micranthemum micranthemoides.
I know that it is usually grown as a hedge-type but if you trim it to an
inch or so it will grow in amazingly thick.  The appearance is excellent but
there are some down-sides.  I was never completely sure what the best
growing conditions were.  It would grow great in one tank and barely hang on
in a nearly identical tank right next to it.  It did require weekly pruning.
I called it "Mowing the lawn".  If it grows tall to the point where the
shaded parts lose their leaves, it can take a week or so to recover after

In general it requires less attention than Riccia (I never got the hang of
that one as a carpet-type) and is less difficult than Glossostigma.

Lyndle Schenck

	Kevin Weaver wrote:
	> Anybody have a strong recomendation for a good carpet/foreground
	> plant.  I badly want to achieve that lush "lawn" type look, but
don't know
	> which plants to use.  The tank gets plenty of light and has an
iffy DIY
	> setup along w/ flourite so growth shouldn't be a problem.  Also,
just as a
	> side note, has anyone ever run into problems keeping corys at
	>around 78?

	Derek Wingert wrote:
	Unless you prune constantly, there aren't too many commonly
available plant
	species which make a good, attractive carpet. Most of these are also
	rather hard to grow, and require very high light levels (some
	My favorites are Riccia fluitans (Riccia), and Willow Moss. Both
must be
	anchored until they take root on the surface you desire. Here is a