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kitty litter revisited


Remember that thread from last winter on using your cat to fertilize
your planted tank?  This evening I discovered something that brought the
discussion back to mind:  The end-all, do-all, no-labor method of
kitty-induced fertilization.  It's a three step process:

	1)  Acclimate your cat to sleeping on the aquarium.  This is like
falling off a log.  Cat's love nothing more than to sleep on top of a nice
warm aquarium.

	2)  Remove the aquarium top and set it aside in an inconspicuous
place.  Do this in the course of moving plants around or something, and
there's no additional labor.

	3)  Wait until the cat jumps for the top of the aquarium; when the
cat hit's the water it'll scare the **** out of it, and your fertilizing
chores will be done.  Just replace the top and wipe up the little spills.

Of course YMMV.

Roger Miller
in Albuquerque, with a sorta sullen-looking cat.