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First off the root hormone question:  From what I have read this is how
rooting hormones work.  All major parts of the plant each produce a
hormone.  The roots,leaves, flowers etc.  When you take a cutting you
are cutting off one of those hormones (roots).  the plant is then
confused and will not grow properly intil a balance is restored.  The
rooting hormone I suspect is the hormone that directly interacts with
the hormone produced by the roots.  With that hormone increased it
triggers the plant to produce roots in order to balance the chemical
hormonal syatem within the plant.  Those are the basics as I understand
I would like to know if anyone out there has any glossistigma that they
might like to get rid of.  I am looking for it but do not want to order
enough plants from a mailorder company.
As for snail control:  If you find that you just cannot get them all.
Get a half a dozen silver angels as close to wild as you can.  They will
actively "hunt" them down and eat them.  If it will fit in their mouth
and it is moving they will try it and once they find they like it there
will be no more snails.
I am thinking about growing riccia on a log that I got a few weeks
back(another issue).  Will it root into the log and stay down.  I know
that it is a surface plant but amano made carpets of this stuff.  I
would be intrested to hear if any of you have experience with it.
Thanks for your time