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Re: fluorite and algae outbreaks

>I have 2 30 gallon tanks side by side in front of a W-SW facing window.  The
>tank with the Fluorite has a pH of 6.6 consistently.  The other tank which
>has a mixture of gravel and Terralit has a pH of 7.2.  Both tanks receive
>the same water.  This pH difference is something I cannot explain.  Perhaps
>Dr. Greg Morin could give me some input on this.  Does the Fluorite have
>some effect on the pH?

Actually the difference you're seeing is because Flourite has _no_ 
affect on pH. Most other gravels have a slight tendency to raise 
pH... So in the tank with Flourite you see the full effect of the 
buffer you're using and the normal acids produced in an aquarium... 
but no contribution by Flourite, either up or down...whereas in the 
other tank you see those effects in conjunction with a slight pH 
raising ability of the other gravel. BTW, which pH do you want?

-Greg Morin

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