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Ich treatment

>> Subject: How do you treat ich in a planted aquarium  ?
>> I observe, a week after putting fishes in my new planted
>> aquarium, that some
>> of them have a few spots of ich ?   what should i do ? will it
>> disappear by
>> itself ? do i have to treat the aquarium ? how ?
>> your advice please ! thanks !

One thing to consider is whether you have any "Scaleless" fishes in the
aquarium (Botias, some Catfish) and or invertebrates (Amano Shrimp!!) as
they tend to react badly to some chemicals.

While I'm not certain that "Clout" is safe for Loaches, I do know I've used
it with no problems in my planted tanks for many years. Occasionally,  I've
noticed that fishes sometimes come in with one or two spots of Ich, and if
the fish is healthy there is no  subsequent "acute" infestation of the
parasites.  So, a little patience and close observation of the fish several
times a day after introduction is a good course of action too.


Brian Perkins, President
Metroserv Incorporated
     Tigard, Oregon