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Re: plant safe treatment for columnaris

>Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 17:40:08 -0400
>From: "Paul E. Turley" <turl at eriecoast_com>

>My planted tank, particularly the nearly irreplaceable Tatia catfish are in
>the midst of a columnaris infection (GEE this is fun!).  With this I dropped 
>the temperature a couple notches and increase the amount of air to the two 
>sponge >filters.  So far the fish are holding on and thankfully still
>feeding, but I just noticed today that I have lost one of the T. perugea and 
>I hope to god it's not the one female in the tank.  Murphy's law would
>dictate that it is, I'll have to check tonight after the lights are out and
>so are the catfish. >But with this, my hands are tied unless I want to remove
>all the plants or remove the fish, either one, not a very appealing prospect.
>Besides the stress of >moving the fish might actually push them over the
>edge. Unless someone has a plant safe treatment for columnaris?  
>Anyone out there?

First of all my empathy Paul. I know at least 2 commercial medications
against columnaris which are _very_ safe for all plants and animals. 
Problem is, that they are not sold outside Holland, so that won't help
you but, I'm sure that your petshop has similar medications. 
Good luck,

Hugo Hoekstra