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Lilaeopsis mower part 2

Hi all
I wrote the list about a month ago with a mystery as to what fish may be tearing
up my otherwise healthy lilaeopis. At the time I suspected my zebra loach. I
would like to thank everyone who offered input.  I still have not caught anyone
in the act but I am pretty sure it is a trio of flag fish. The new growth on the
lilaeopis is being chewed off to the ground. Also the growing tips of my Vals
are taking damage. I know of nothing else in my tank that is such an aggressive

Trio of flag fish
2 black and 1 striped khuli loaches
Malaysian  trumpet snails
pond and false rams horn snails(the reason I got the Zebra loach to begin with)
6 small characins
5 Amano shrimp
4 or 5 white clouds
2 pearl gouramis

I had a trio flags before that were not a problem, they were about the length of
a large platy. This new group though is much larger. The male is a tad shorter
than the pearl gouramis, but much stockier of course.
If anyone in the Columbus Ohio area wants some free hungry flags feel free to
contact me. Who could resist after a build up like that??