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Re: "CyberPet",treating ich in a planted aquarium.

Increase tank temperature to the upper limit of your most temperature
sensitive plants. Use any "Rid-ich" type medication, as long as it has NO
COPPER. Also, to avoid a period off come-back infection, use 20% more than
the recommended dose (unless you have scaleless fish), apply doseage when
your lights go out (to avoid photo degradation of meds), minimize lighting,
and treat at least one day longer than recommended. Don't forget to remove
chemical filtration. Some may disagree with my recommendations, but I once
encountered resistant strains of ich and do NOT want to contribute to this
growing problem.

~David Boukmn. 

>Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 08:22:35 -0400
>From: Cyberpet <cyberpet at videotron_ca>
>Subject: How do you treat ich in a planted aquarium  ?
>I observe, a week after putting fishes in my new planted aquarium, that some
>of them have a few spots of ich ?   what should i do ? will it disappear by
>itself ? do i have to treat the aquarium ? how ?
>your advice please ! thanks !