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RE: Chroma 50

>Has anyone else had Algae problems that can be traced back to a GE Chroma

I have never had an algae "problem" that I could not (ultimately) trace back
to a mistake on my part in tank maintenance. There is nothing inherent in
Chroma 50's which would lead me to believe that they can be the "cause" of
an algae outbreak (you aren't leaving them on for 22 hours a day are you?).
It is a (common enough) mistake to blame the equipment.

>Is anyone using the GE Chroma 50 bulb and NOT having any algae problems ?

Pick me! Pick me!

The GE Chroma 50 is the cheapest "good" bulb that is available in Toronto, I
have been using it for a number of years with no problems.

James Purchase