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Re:Rooting Hormone

I would not use Rootone in your aquarium. Thiram is a fungicide that
prevents root rot in cuttings and I don't think it's safe for aquariums
(not 100% certian of LD50 yet).  If you were to use a rooting hormone
use Hormex (Either #1 or #3) or Dip N' Grow. These have auxin only and
should be much safer for your aquatic freinds.
Dan Waletzko
dw at iname dot com

David wrote,

<<<<<I have been watching this root hormone thread waiting for a post with
different results than those I had a while back. I had a "blonde moment"
and thought "Gee, I wonder if ROOTONE rooting hormone would increase the
root formation rate of stem plant aquatics and swords?" Needless to say, no
matter what concentration of the chemical I used, I still lost plants and
saw arrested developement, NOT increase in the growth rate of surviving
plants. Unless you have sound chemical theories as to why my exp.
failed, I
would'nt try rooting hormones if I were you. 

1-Naphthaleneacetamide...................  0.20%
Thiram (tetra-methyl Thiuramidisulfide)..  4.04%
Inert Ingredients:.......................  95.76%

<<<<<~David Boukmn.