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manageable swords?

I was trying to find what might be impossible. I'd like to get some
Enchinodorus plants that would not
outgrow a 55 gallon tank (or at least take a while to.)

Tropica recommended E. cordifolius and E. schlueteri as being more
restrained. I was also considering E. martii. 

I looked through the archives. Several folks mentioned that their E.
cordifolius put huge floating leaves at the surface, and grew too big
to be manageable. Didn't find much on schlueteri. One guy mentioned his
E. martii grew to 40".

So, is there any Echinodorus that stops growing at 20-25" or so? Or
perhaps another type of plant that looks similiar to a swordplant. Or
is the answer just to replace them every year or two with smaller
Thanks in advance. You guys have been great with advice.
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