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Amano shrimp

I obtained 4 of these creatures about a month ago because they allegedly
consume vast amounts of algae.

Well, I was watching them closely the other day during feeding time.  They
climb up the wood in the tank and then hang onto the water sprite which is
on the surface.  Then they grab a piece of Tetra's GuppyMin and walk back
down the wood to eat it.

So much for algae consuming+ACE-  Crafty little fellas+ACE-  At least they live in
harmony with all the guppies which come in all sizes.

I've spoken to some people who have had trouble with the shrimp because they
have climbed out of their tanks and ended up dead on the floor.  My shrimps
have access to escape should they choose to do so.  They are only in a 20
gallon long.  I guess they don't want to miss out on the guppy food+ACE-  And
they +ACo-are+ACo- growing.  I've found moulted exoskeletons and all shrimps have
been accounted for.

The big tragedy of the week however, is that yesterday one of my SAEs took a
dive to sucide.  It was particularly upsetting because I had just fed them
and left the room to get on the internet for half an hour.  When I got back,
there it was.  Poor thing.  Very

G. Kadar