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Re: anubias leaves cupping

Hi Steve

Thanks for your input.  I thought I give you a little more info on the

Kh: .9
Gh: 3.5
Ph: 5.8-6.5 Wide swing from morning to night due to low Kh (fish don't
seem to mind)
temp: 78-80
light: 190 watts
55 gal.
Dupla tabs and drops
Dupla laterite substrate (few years old).

Recent changes:  About 6 weeks ago I switched from 10% daily water
changes with RO water and additions of RO right and baking soda to 15%
daily changes of very soft, acidic, high co2, high nitrate (17ppm) well
water to which I was, up until recently, adding a little baking soda.
(could the low Kh or acidic water be part of the problem)?
Also cupping seems to be most prominent on leaves getting the most sun.

Very heavily planted and stocked.
All fish healthy and the plants are thriving and many flowering,
especially recently (high nitrate well water?). Tank is getting an hour
or so of sun this time of year.

Your suggestion, that the problem is a nutrient one, sounds possible. 
Perhaps the rapid growth of late is depleting the tank of nutrients
faster, and the faster growing plants are soaking up the remaining
nutrients before the Anubias barteri has a chance to.  The Anubias with
the most pronounced cupping is 15" high, about to break the surface,
with about 25 4" leaves, two flower stalks and regular new growth.  The
cupping seems to be concurrent with this latest growth spurt and
flowering.  The A. barteri on the other side of the tank, with not as
much light nor as big and vigorous or flowering, is also slightly
cupping but not nearly as much.  Other Anubias: congensis, lanceolata,
v. nana are much smaller and slower growing and not exhibiting any
noticeable problems.   

I did notice that the largest and most robust Echinadorus amazonicus in
the tank is looking a little veiny.  So maybe what I need to do is
increase the amount of fertilizer in general.  Instead of one large
Dupla tab once a week, perhaps once every 5 days along with the daily 5
drops.  Or do I need to increase the drops as well?


Ed Hengel