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Creeping Charlie

From: Patricia Kantor <PattiKantor at netscape_net>
Subject: Creeping Charlie

Just purchased several bunches of Creeping Charlie. Looks like a pretty
plant. I haven't been able to find any info on this plant on the net. Can
anyone help?

This is a very quick growing plant (mine grows faster than my hygro).  it
can live both submerged and emersed.  I have some in a 15 gallon long that
wraps around the inside of the tank 3 time.  I normally have it grow out
the back of the tank and completely cover the outside of the back.  I
haven't found conditions it doesn't like.  It seems to grow well in dim
light and even better in stong light.  It will take over you tank if you
are not carefull.  I bought one bunch almost two years ago, it survived my
brother's iguanna grazing on it daily for several months (I was 
babysitting it while he was out of town then he wouldn't come and get it),
I weekly cut it back 3/4 of the way to feed to my africans and severums.
I my tanks it is a neusance, but very pretty, and easy to grow.

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