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Change For The Sake Of Change?

From: "Dotson, Sam" <sdotson at firstam_com>
Subject: Beard Algae

After 2 months of almost no algae in a heavily planted tank, I decided to
replace two of the 4, 48" fluorescent tubes with Tritons.  Before this
change, I had 2 48" Coralife SpectraMax and 2 48" "plain old shop lights".
Almost immediately, I have been attacked by a huge amount of Beard Algae
(fine, long green strands that form thick clumps, that are attached to
leaves in the upper  of the tank). 

Sam-I don't mean to pick on you or anything-but it seems there are so
many postings that begin along the lines *Everything was going well in my
planted tank until I changed blah blah blah*

I wonder-if someone has a planted tank-with everything growing well-why
change things? Why not just enjoy your success? And again-I don't mean you
personally Sam-just an overall observation.

       Gerry Skau
       ANS BigDial Engineering

       Those who are faithless know the pleasures of love, it is the
       faithful who know love's tragedies.
         - Oscar Wilde