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Beard Algae

After 2 months of almost no algae in a heavily planted tank, I decided to
replace two of the 4, 48" fluorescent tubes with Tritons.  Before this
change, I had 2 48" Coralife SpectraMax and 2 48" "plain old shop lights".
Almost immediately, I have been attacked by a huge amount of Beard Algae
(fine, long green strands that form thick clumps, that are attached to
leaves in the upper  of the tank). 

My questions are:

Does this sound like Beard Algae?

What can be done to get rid of the Beard Algae without harming the plants?

Are the Tritons the cause, or is it the combination of the Tritons and the
SpectraMax that are producing a color that is "supercharging" the Algae?

If the lighting combination is suspect, what replacements should be made?

Additional info:

4 - 48" fluorescent light ( 2 - Coralife SpectraMax and 2 - Tritons) 
PH 6.8
Temp - 86
KH - 5dh
GH - 5dh
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - <10ppm
CO2 injection (without controller) @ 10-15mg/l

Sam Dotson
sdotson at firstam_com <mailto:sdotson at firstam_com>