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new planted aponogeton sp.

dear friends APDers
I just would like anyone to share his/her knowledge and experiences about aponogetons.
it's my first experience with them; one month ago I planted - buried only for a 3/4 - one boivinianus and one madascariensis I got for free. following are tank setup and outcomes so far:
- 29G;
- bottom 1/2" laterite + 3" quartz gravel mixed with expanded clay;
- two 18W fluorescent (gro-lux+coolwhite) 10h30'/day;
- pH 7.0-7.5;
- GH 9, KH 4;
- DOY CO2;
- temp 25 degrees celsius;
- fish load: 2 2" crossocheilus siamensis, no food added.
the boivinianus had 4 10" leaves, the mad had 3 10"; tubers didn't smell bad, but had no visible filamentous roots.
after a few days the boivinianus sprouted some new leaves, narrower, oddly bent and with large brown patch es. old leaves started getting brown and rotting.
the lace also sprouted new leaves, not badly shaped, but little in comparison with its original ones which became soon covered by brown algae.
after a week I added a pellet of 12-16-40 fertilizer to each one. today the boiv has not yet a significant root apparatus, while the mad has one.
I'm aware my current light output is not enough for raising properly aponogetons. I'm guessing whether is merely a light issue or whatever. as oddly as it may seem hygro poly, vallisneria, microsorum and echinodurus paniculatus are doing fine even with such low light wattage. if they keep thriving I will add a dense population of crypts and anubias wondering of not bothering too much with algae and too frequent prunings.
I'm looking if an additional tube could change significantly my aponogetons lives!
thanks for your time

--Alessandro Pirotta
--Monza, Italy

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