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I have these problems with my 180 L tank:

1) Older leaves of H.Difformis curled downwards. On the edges of
leaves, I can see rusty brown colour

2) Older Leaves of Aponogeton ulvaceus showed similar rusty colour. And
the leaves are somehow torn at random places. However new shoots keep
on showing up EVERYDAY. And there are about 7 to 8 flower stalks. These
flower stalks messed up the water surface. How do I minimise the
flowering craze? 

3) What is the growth rate of Barclaya Longifolia? Older leaves have
similar rusty colour plus some white spots. Growth rate is below

4)Leaves of H.Polysperma somehow suddenly bend.

KH/GH ~5
NO3 ~ 5-8ppm
K ~ 10ppm
Mg ~ 8-10ppm
Daily dose of trace nutrient 3mL
VHO lighting
CO2 injection
... plus some BBA, hair algae 

thank you
Roger Davis

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