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Re: Fullers earth


Are you referring to "Profile Aquatic Plant Soil"?  I've had a tank
set up with this as the sole substrate for a couple of months now.
Plant growth has been good, no major problems to report so far.
Profile is a baked clay material which doesn't fall apart 
underwater and hardly clouds water at all.

For those of you who have used Profile in the past, they've 
changed the size and look of it sometime in the last half year.
When I went to buy some a couple months ago, they had 2 slightly
different kinds in the store:  The old kind (which I'm assuming
is being phased out) has a very uniform grain size of 1-2mm diameter
and is overall very uniform and brown-looking.  The
new kind comes in a bag that's less glossy, the grain size is
variable from 2-5mm diameter and is overall larger and has more
variance.  The color is lighter, more tan, with occasional reddish
chunks.  Both bags say "100% arcillite" on the back, but the newer
kind says "100% Fuller's Earth" on the front.

When I've been to the store more recently (in southern California),
I've only seen the newer Profile bags on the shelves.


> Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 15:38:56 -0500
> From: "Thomas Vickers" <redroach at flex_net>
> Subject: Fuller's Earth

> I just found some  aquatic plant soil   "made from Fuller's Earth" at the
> local Home Depot.
> It seems to be a  claylike substance.
> Anyone know anything about it? Is it worth using as a substrate?
> At $7 a 10 lb bag, I figure it might be worth it?

> TV