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Re: Jobe's or not

A month ago, I set up a new planted tank with Flourite substrate and
use Flourish and Iron once a week to fertilize.  I asked if I should add
Jobe's spikes or not and the general consensus was that I should wait a
month and see how the plants do.
  For the past week I noticed that on my two large watersprite that some
of the leaves were getting dark and decaying a bit.  I just took this as
regular aging process.  But then I noticed that some of the leaves on my
Hygro. sp. closest to the surface were getting a brown color.  I'm not
sure if this is a deficiency of any of N-P-K, but I thought that adding
a few pieces of Jobe's sticks wouldn't hurt.  
  We'll see how they look in a month.

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB