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re ozelot and rose´

Thank you David and Michael for your suggestions. I┤ll comment in your text.

From: boukmn at mindspring_com
>Subject: Re: "Ole Larsen" E. rose and ozelot
>>I┤m having a problem with the E ozelot I acquired together with a E. rose
>about a
>>year ago.
>>Both are planted in a tank of 90 L, ~30 cm apart and with same amount of
>light (2*18 W fluoscent, daylight). Tank set-up some 3-4 years ago, so the
>gravel ( 2-3 mm. granite) is partly filled with dirt, making H. polysperma,
>E. tenellus, S. subulata, E. magdalenensis, E. rose. C.
>wendtii/crispatula/usteriana/huderoi, M. windel°w, N. guadalupensis, P.
>cornuta all growing very well.
>>Just not the E. ozelot, leaves getting smaller and smaller and brown (with
>green ribs) and hardly any new leaves appearing.
>>Have checked Tropica. com and even asked one of the gardeners I happen to
>know without getting any solution to the problem. Using MasterGrow, 1/2
>dose at waterchanges. A double tetra-bell filled with CO2 every morning.
>The only diff. I can see
>>between the conditions for E. r and o is that o is closer to the (under
>water surface) outlet from a small internal motor-filter, but it doesn┤t
>move  much. Earlyer the o was shaded by the cornuta, but for 6 months I
>have keps this away (taken out, only leaving one over the rose). Water was
>earlyer slightly acid (6-6.5) but this created troubles for some of the
>crypts and for Microsorum. For ~1 year it has been on the alkalic side.
>Fish: 20-30 Nannostomus of 4 diff, species, nothing else. Very few snails.
>>Has anybody a suggestion for the reason for this misgrowth of the ozelot ? 
>>Ole Larsen 
>1. NOT ENOUGH LIGHT. I grow both plants and the height of the tank is
>critical. 18watts over 10 gal would be OK, but I use 2 staggerd 40w
>florecent shoplights over a standard 75gal long with GTE "Daylights".
>Forget the "Fancy $$$ Aquarium Lights". K-mart is selling 40w shoplights
>for $9.79 and their bulbs (daylights) for $4.95 each. 

I use 2*18 W over a 90 L (~23G) measuring 100*30*30 cm

>Question 1: Does your E. Rose show 2-3 BRIGHT PINK inner leaves? They won't
>w/o much more light. 

No bright pink inner leaves, the rose is shaded by a C. cornuta, but grows very well producing almost bronze coloured leaves

>Keep in mind E. Rose is a slower grower than E. Ozelot.

>   2: Is there ANY surface aggetation? If so, it will surely free your tank
>of CO2 despite your best efforts.

Slight surface agitation just over the outlet, but the tetra bells aren┤t completely empty
when I fill up next morning ( and I do blow out eventual residual other gasses when filling) making me guess the water takes what it needs )

>2. NEED CO2. Small leaves show up in a CO2 deprived environment.  But I
>mostly suspect the culprit being low light. 
>~David Boukmn.
>From: Michael Eckardt <mike at odg_com>
>Subject: re: E. rose and ozelot
>Ole has trouble with his E. ozelot.
>Older Echinodorus plants develop something called a corm. It is the thick
>part of the rhizome below the crown and may or may not have any roots on it.
>This corm can hinder a plant's growth (why? - I don't know). I simply break
>off the corm (don't cut it off: cutting might damage the crown), right
>underneath the crown, and clean out old and damaged roots. Replant the sword
>with 1/2 of a Jobe plant stick underneath - and the sword usually takes off

Follow your suggestion, took out the o. No corm, but the roots were all rotten. ( wonder what caused this)
Cleaned it until only the rizome and 2-3 small white roots were left together with 
2 small leaves. Replantet in the other end of tank..
Time will show

>Michael Eckardt
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>disappointment." JP