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Hanna pH probe

    I've had the Hanna probes for years now. I just replaced my old one with the pH2
model, I think that was the one.

    They are nice for a "quick" check and indeed I don't break out the chem stuff unless
the probe shows some strange readings, like a .4 drift in pH in a day.

    As someone else mentioned you DO have to follow the directions about keeping the
probe from drying out and clean. One thing I got from a Hanna tech was to soak the probe
in vinegar to clean the probe, but only do it "once in a great while." Whatever that
means. :/

    2 point calibration is nice and easy. One thing the 2nd point should be calibrated on
the side you are going to keep your tanks at, I.E. if running a 6.5 tank calibrate for
4.0 and 7.0, if a 8.0 African tank then 10.0 and 7.0.

    I calibrate about once a month and check with chems off and on. Has worked out fine
so far.

    I even bought their TDS meter. I got a base reading and check for TDS to give me a
rough idea how bad the water is getting.