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pygmy chain swords

I'd like to thank everyone that responded to my question about my
unidentified and not-so-pygmy pygmy chain swords.  It seems from a couple
of the letters that I could have added a few details to help with the

First, the leaves are pointed, rather than round on the ends, so I think
that along with the presence of a mid rib in the leaves probably removes
Sagittaria subulata and/or other Sag's from consideration.  The other
possibilities are all Echinodorus species.

The runners are usually buried, but just under the surface of the
substrate.  They aren't limited to growing just under the surface, as I've
seen them grow under driftwood and rocks that are set some distance down
into the substrate, and I've seen them against the glass (where the light
might confuse them) more than an inch below the surface.

It looks to me (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) that when it comes
to chain swords we have two types.  E. tenellus is distinct in staying
small - less than 3 inches high.  Other chain swords that don't stay as
small could be any of a number of very similar-appearing species.

Roger Miller