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Scott wrote:
>Subject: Over ranwith Ceratopteris
>My tank is getting taken over by Ceratopteris. The last tank I set up was over
>ran by Vallisneria. Can anyone warn me ahead of time as to what plants are
>to grow so fast as to fill my tank? Also, when I cut or tear out some of the
>Ceratopteris I noticed a milky fluid was produced from the broken stalk. Is
>this stuff dangerous to my other plants and fish?

Scott... what kind of Ceratopteris is this? I have 3 kinds and none of them
produce milky fluid. It's great to have plants filling up your tank! I hope
you are not throwing these plants away. I used to do that years ago. Take
them to your local fish store and trade or sell them. Or trade/sell them to
other aquarists. When I think of how many terrific plants I threw away, I

in Vancouver