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re: : How precise is good enough for a pH measurement?

James wonders:
> Anyway, the Piccolo Plus looks to be a quality piece of equipment and I'm
> wondering if anyone with more experience dealing with electronic pH
> measuring devices can give me an opinion. I'm favoring it over cheaper
> devices due to it's higher precision (0.01 pH for the Piccolo Plus vs. 0.1
> pH for most other units). Is the extra precision worth it?

many people, me included, have spectacular tanks with only the occasional
chemical-based "El Cheapo" pH measurement with, at best, 1 pH point
precision. So is the extra precision in the Piccolo needed? No.
Is the water in nature precisely regulated? No. Even in the same water
course the pH changes constantly.
I think you must answer your question "is it worth it?" using other, more
personal factors. (Fearing frightful flames, I refrain from further
reflection on these factors). :-)

Michael Eckardt
"Go ahead and assume that the sun will rise tomorrow.
Assume anything else at risk of great personal
disappointment." JP