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How to get water

At 03:48 AM 4/22/99 -0400, AliceF8770 at aol_com asked:
>I'm thinking of buying  bottled water for my planted tank as I'm having so 
>much trouble with my local water.   [big snip]
>What do you thinkof the quality, and what would I need to add for a planted 

AliceF8770:  It's really a question of money.   The bottled water is likely
cost you $1.50 per gallon delivered in 5 gallon carboys.  If you have a 55 
gallon tank and change 20% per week, that is $16.50 per week for water,
and you have to lug it.

If you get an RO unit, that is about $200.  You should be able to get several
thousand gallons before you need to change filters.  That means a cost of
about a dime a gallon or $1.10 per week.  Of course, you will probably 
find uses for the other water your RO unit can produce, such as drinking
and using in a steam iron, car battery, etc.

It's really a question of $200 or $16.50 a week.   Which fits you better?

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com