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purchased water instead of adding all that stuff

I'm thinking of buying  bottled water for my planted tank as I'm having so 
much trouble with my local water.  When I asked the seller, they sent me the 
following description of the mineral content  - vis a vis milligrams per liter
Bicarbonate 22.0
Chloride 	5.1
Flouride	ND (None detectable)
Nitrate	0.3
Silica		7.3
Sulfate	5.0
Calcium	19.0
Magnesium	1.2
Potassium	0.4
Sodium	3.0
TDS (by meter)	38.0
Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness	16.0
pH				6.5
What do you thinkof the quality, and what would I need to add for a planted 
tank?  Thanks folks for the help.