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Re: Auto Feeder

I have two varieties that I am currently using that are easily obtainable
from your LFS or mail order: Rondomatic (sp?) and FishMate.  The
Rondomatic is a little bit pricey, but allows for all inhabitants to get
their fair share at mealtime(28 compartments, multiple programs).  I've
noticed that the cheaper fishmate, which gradually pushes its compartment
of food into the tank over a two hour period, encourages the big to get
bigger while the little guys get edged out.  For instance, around noon and
late afternoon when I have the two feedings set for, they gather around
the spot where the food hits the water--and the bigger juveniles generally
get more than their fair share.  But, for the basic purposes of feeding,
they both work OK.  It is certainly helpful to have them positioned a few
inches above the tank so they do not clog up.  I have them sitting on the
light fixture and positioned to drop into the back cutout in the plastic
tank cover.  Be sure to make lots of water changes if you rely on auto
feeding. :-)

Tom Petersen
peter334 at tc_umn.edu