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RE: A male's weakness...

Gabriellea recently wrote...

>I don't thing blue/green colour blindness or weakness is going to affect
>anyone's perception of the colour red. Being female, my colour vision is
>excellent.  It would seem that overall, men, in general (please no flames.
>How many men have we seen who, sans wife, wear wildly uncoordinated colour
>combinations?) do not have the same sensitivity to colour as women.

Sorry hon, but you can't expect to make a statement like this and NOT get
flamed. <g>

Actually, red-green color blindness is the type which affects approximately
10% of the male population (a lot of guys are not even aware of the fact
that they have a problem, as it generally is mild and it mainly only
manifests itself with those prone to wear cheap ties...). I was quite
shocked to learn during a colour theory course at the Ontario College of Art
that I was partially colour blind (I was earning my living as a photographer
at the time...).

>There is a theory behind this regarding natural selection during
>hunter/gatherer days.  Women with excellent colour vision could determine
>what was or wasn't edible and ripe or unripe.

I won't even GO there....

>(p.s. I'm a dentist and I have had to mentally memorize in order to match

P.S. I'm a tax collector! Be nice to me or I can make your life so miserable
that you won't care what colour their teeth are....


Oh, and thanks for the compliment about my colour sense. I do like the
purple shirt too... And I did it without benefit of help from the "weaker"
sex... <g>.

James Purchase