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Re: lava rocks

I have been using those BBQ rocks in my tanks for a few years now, and
have yet to see anything wrong with them.  Because they are formed by
rapidly cooling igneous rock, they are inert.  The only trouble with
them is that some of them float, but that's easily remedied - just
squeeze some water into them.

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB

Pete Rose wrote:
> I was reading on the tropica site (www.tropica.com) about how they
> attach java ferns and other plants to
> lava rocks and thus have "portable plants". I was at
> home depot yesterday in their gas grill section and noticed they sell a
> bag of lava rocks for $4. Since
> these are just dumped into a grill, I can't imagine them being anything
> other than plain rocks. I would guess they'd be safe for a fish tank.
> Anyway, I'm
> probably going to try it when I get my tank set up, but
> I thought I'd pass the idea along.