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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #981

So are you trying to say that women would be able to determine the color of
water in a white bucket better? :)

In a warm and wonderful Maryland where spring is fully here!

> From: "alex pastor" <alexp at idirect_com>
> Subject: iron test kits and colour blindness
> I don't thing blue/green colour blindness or weakness is going to affect
> anyone's perception of the colour red. Being female, my colour vision is
> excellent.  It would seem that overall, men, in general (please no flames.
> How many men have we seen who, sans wife, wear wildly uncoordinated colour
> combinations?) do not have the same sensitivity to colour as women.
> There is a theory behind this regarding natural selection during
> hunter/gatherer days.  Women with excellent colour vision could determine
> what was or wasn't edible and ripe or unripe.  Likewise, colour weakness or
> even colour blindness was an asset to men so they could see the movement of
> prey.  Of course, the recent issue of Time magazine claims that both women
> and men participated in the hunt, however, it still remains to be proven
> that men went our foraging for non-animal foods.
> G. Kadar