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iron test kits and colour blindness

I don't thing blue/green colour blindness or weakness is going to affect
anyone's perception of the colour red. Being female, my colour vision is
excellent.  It would seem that overall, men, in general (please no flames.
How many men have we seen who, sans wife, wear wildly uncoordinated colour
combinations?) do not have the same sensitivity to colour as women.

There is a theory behind this regarding natural selection during
hunter/gatherer days.  Women with excellent colour vision could determine
what was or wasn't edible and ripe or unripe.  Likewise, colour weakness or
even colour blindness was an asset to men so they could see the movement of
prey.  Of course, the recent issue of Time magazine claims that both women
and men participated in the hunt, however, it still remains to be proven
that men went our foraging for non-animal foods.

I put my vote with Dave Gomberg.  I use a Sera test kit, and I know that my
iron is at about 0.1mg/l when after a few hours the solution has a very
small hint of pink to it.  Less than for 0.25mg/l.

(p.s. I'm a dentist and I have had to mentally memorize in order to match
aesthetic restorative materials with teeth.  All kinds of shades of yellow,
yellow-red, yellow-grey, grey-brown, red-yellow-brown........you get the
picture.  :)  There are colour hues, intensities and tone.  It's too early
in the morning, but James Purchase, I am sure can fill in the anything I've
missed.  BTW, James, you have an excellent sense of colour and colour
coordination.  Sartorially speaking, I stay as casual as possible.)

G. Kadar