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RE:Riccia dying/too much Fe

In low nutrient tanks Riccia doesn't seem to do well. It turns yellow
and waste away even if everything else seems right. Some of my tanks I
can't stop the growth, but one tank has problems with just this plant.
Perhaps a chemical inhibitor secreted from another plant ? Lighting
consist of 4watts gal Vita/Triton mix and 3 SAE's only.The tank is very
low in nutrients and is similar to the other tanks in respects to other
conditions.Liverwarts(Riccia) get their nutriton from only the water
column so they might have an element that another fast growing plant
gets first that hinders growth.

     Too much Fe is sometimes expressed by blocking Mg uptake and is
seen in the leaf as "veining" of the leaf. Best to err on the too little
side. Ammannias are good indicators for this color testing. Rotala
indica also. Anubias seem to vein the most in my experiences.Hope this
gets something answered or brought up.
Tom Barr    AGA/SFAS