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Hydrophylia has holes in leaves

I am new to this digest so please excuse my ignorance.

In my 55 gal tank I have four types of Hygrophilia. The first is my favorite 
Hygrophila Polysperma 'Rosannervig". There is also a large bunch of plain 
polyspermia. Both of the above mentioned seem to be growing fine, they have 
to be trimmed once every two to three weeks. The problem is that the older 
leaves seem to get pin size holes on the older leaves. These hole increase in 
size and numbers graduality till they are pencil lead size (7 mm), at this 
time the leaf dies and falls off. Can anyone tell me why these leaves get 

The last two types of Hygro I have are Corymbosa and one that has a red stem 
and is very similiar in size and shape to Corymbosa. Neither of these seem to 
being growing, could they be land plants and not suited for the aquarium. How 
can I know if these are aquatic plants as the LFS sold them. 

Other info:
four each 34 watt bulbs  
DIY co2
many fish
flourite substrate system
once a week 25ml of Kent Freshwater plant micronutrient supplement with iron
All other plants seem to be doing fine (Cabomba caroliniana, Cryptocoryne 
crispatula, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Echinodorus osiris (rubra), Echinodorus 
martii, Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Ludwigia and others.

Thanks for your help,