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Plants and Fish To Give Away

Hello Everyone,

I live in South Orange County (Aliso Viejo), but will be relocating to SF in
the next month or so...

As such, I am emptying my 30g tank of fish and plants, and will give them to
whomever is willing to take them off my hands (and, of course, take care of


Couple of ragged common swords.
Lots of Java Moss
Hydrophilia Polysperma (couple of healthy bunches)
and one very large healthy Ruby Mellon Sword.


4 x Clown Loaches
2 x Common Black Mollies
6 x Neon Rainbows
6 x Oto's
1 x Bristle nose catfish - unknown species.

People can use my email johnstark at home_com to ask for additional particulars
or to arrange pickup.


John Stark