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crypt retro vs apono crisp id

-> I recently purchased a plant labelled by the lfs as Crypt.
-> retrospiralis.    Today I was
-> browsing at another lfs and came across some plants labelled as
-> Apon. crispus.   Here is a
-> description of the plant I have:
-> Rosette of 1" stems, leaves about 1/2" wide, 8" long, new leaves
-> translucent maroon color with green veins, older leaves light green.
-> Heavily crenelated edges.

-> Anyone care to ID this plant?

-> Cathy Hartland

 The easiest way to tell, but not the only way is to look at the
rootstock.  All aponogetons grow from bulbs, if this is crispus it is
probably about marble size and round to oval in shape.  In Cryptocoryne
retrospiralis, the plant grows from a rhizome which is a thinkened
root-like structure.

I hope this helps.  If there is no bulb in wont be an aponogeton!