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Request for Plant ID

I recently purchased a plant labelled by the lfs as Crypt. 
retrospiralis.  It is growing well in my tank, has about 8 new leaves 
in the past 2 weeks, quite a handsome plant.  Today I was 
browsing at another lfs and came across some plants labelled as 
Apon. crispus.  They looked exactly like my plant!  So I'm 
wondering which one I really have.  Here's the thing that really 
makes me question:  the leaves are translucent.  I didn't know that 
crypts have that sort of leaf, but I believe it occurs in Apons.  I've 
never grown either species before, so can't compare.  Here is a 
description of the plant I have:
Rosette of 1" stems, leaves about 1/2" wide, 8" long, new leaves 
translucent maroon color with green veins, older leaves light green.  
Heavily crenelated edges.  

Anyone care to ID this plant?

Cathy Hartland
In Maryland where the whitewater season is upon us