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Re: Acrylic Tank Question

Hi Mel,
I currently have three acrylic tanks set up as planted aquariums. The
largest is a 5 foot long by 20" wide by 20" high tank. The only thing I use
to clean them are the white acrylic scrub pads that are sold by the aquarium
stores just for that purpose. I clean the algae off the front and wipe the
top with them. The acrylic tanks work great for growing plants. They also
are more transparent and look nicer than glass. It is a pain to clean under
the top piece of acrylic like you said. I have a wood canopy that covers the
top and the lights are mounted to this.  If acrylic was as cheap as glass I
think everyone would be using it instead of glass.

>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 23:52:50 +0300
>From: "Menachem & Sheri Gross" <mgross at netvision_net.il>
>Subject: Re: Acrylic Tank Question
>I have a 30 gallon acrylic tank. The acrylic tanks are built with a rim of
>acrylic across the top of the tank which connects the sides of the tank and
>acts as reinforcement . This piece of acrylic covers around 30% of the
>surface of the tank and algae and sediment of the evaporated water clouds
>this acrylic rim and blocks some of the light entering the aquarium. Unlike
>glass covers which are removable this is not removable and is quite
>difficult to clean. Does anybody have any ideas how to clean it? In terms
>a planted aquarium are there any advantages to a glass vs. acrylic?

>Thanks for your help.

>Mel Gross