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Re: Iron test sensitivity

> From: Harvey Schneider <harvsch at earthlink_net>
> Subject: iron test sensitivity
> > I noticed that the Sera iron kit starts at 0.25ppm. Is there a way to
> > measure iron at 0.1ppm with this kit?
> >
> I believe if you start with 2.5 times as much water there will be 2.5
> times as much iron to react with, therefore 2.5 times as much
> sensitivity. The indicator color may be a bit washed out, but the color
> should be correct.

	What you need is a _path_ length 2.5 times as long for the light
passing through the liquid.  Using more water won't help unless you lengthen
the light path.  The intensity of the colour of the solution depends on
the concentration of iron in it.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada