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RE: Too much oxygen

> Which leads me to revisit the question of water changes from 
> the tap...  is
> 'gas bubble disease' a rare problem, or a common problem?  If 
> it happens,
> does the fish death tend to be immediate (in other words, 
> will I know if it
> happens in a tank) or does death result from incremental 
> damage?  Is it
> enough of a problem to merit throwing away the Python in 
> favor of ye olde
> buckets?

I wouldn't worry about it when doing water changes.  Your incoming water
would have to be HIGHLY supersaturated to affect the entire tank.  For
example, to achieve 140% gas saturation after a 20% water change
(assuming your tank water is already at 100% saturation) would require
your tap water to be 300% saturated!  It would be fizzing as it came out
of the tap!