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Re:mission impossible? planted discus breeding tank?

> Ok, I am a little vexed here.
> I have 5 tanks, 3 fish tanks, 1 plant tank and a new tank hopefuly to be a
> planted discus breeding tank. I am wondering if it is possible?

Yes it is.  I had a pair that used to spawn on the swords all the time
and eventually, when they stopped eating the eggs, raised a brood. 
(when I moved them to their own 55 gal. bare tank the mood left them,
yet to return).

> I am worried about algae eaters eating discus eggs, A tank without algae
> eaters not really possible is it? (My 65 gallon high tech tank is algae
> free but has 4 SAEs 2''each)
I think the SAEs could be a problem. You may want to try Otocinclus
affinis instead.  They won't eat all types of algae, but will help. And
keep a night light on.  

> Any comments will be greatly appreciated 

10% of the water in the planted discus tank is changed automatically
twice a day so it does require a bit more fertilizer.  

Ed Hengel