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mission impossible? planted discus breeding tank?

Hi all,
Ok, I am a little vexed here.
I have 5 tanks, 3 fish tanks, 1 plant tank and a new tank hopefuly to be a
planted discus breeding tank. I am wondering if it is possible?

The tank is a 30 gallon (120 litre) 24x18x18 inch tank. and will house to
moderately fed adult discu and hopefully many young ones to!
I want to have mainly a dense growth of amazon swords.
Lighting is going to be 2 well individualy reflected gro lux tubes (2foot)
1.25 watts/gallon)(Reason is I want the tank to appear dim and the g luxes
are usefull to plants, little spectrum non utilized by photosynthesis) This
may sound like too little light but I have seen a tank 2 foot cubed lit
with this same arangement and full of beautiful swords and watersprite
(thats only .66 watts per gallon)
The tank will have NO CO2, it will have sponge filters (maybe a wet dry
hang on aswell)
Possible use of substrate fertilizer - problematic as large frequent water
changes will be carried out (3 times per week 25% per time)
Temp about 84 degrees n/n pH 6.8 gH=8 kH=6 <--- all not neg.

I am worried about algae eaters eating discus eggs, A tank without algae
eaters not really possible is it? (My 65 gallon high tech tank is algae
free but has 4 SAEs 2''each)

Any comments will be greatly appreciated - Some one knowledgable out there
please tell me Im wasting my time a I feel I probably am and should
probably stick with plastic plants.

Thanks as ussual,
Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au