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Puzzled by deficiency

Hello everyone, could someone help spot the deficieny some of my plants are
showing? I'm a bit puzzled since some of the plants are doing very well,
like these: 
-Ceratopteris cornuta, grows like a weed ! 
-Small sword plant (I think latifolia), keeps growing beautiful leaves. 
-Nomaphila stricta, long, thin green-brown leaves, doing well. 

Now the problem:

Nomaphila specie, bright green broad leaves. New leaves are good but the
oldest get white around the edges, holes appear, and the leaf becomes
transparent. Then they fall off. They now look like palmtrees... 

Bananaplant which had no problems until last week develops a yellow spot 
in the leaves (one leave at the time) and this spot becomes brown, rots away 
and then quickly (takes just a day) the whole leaf melts away. 

I use simple CO2 injection (tube which has to be manually filled by pressing
the CO2 bottle). 3 30 watt tubes, Aquastar(green/white), Grolux(purple) and
41 gallon, water conditions are very stable, PH=7, GH=7, KH<2, NO2=0, NO3=0
I change 25% a week. Fully populated and densely planted. 

I use 'Flora Vital' fertilizer, which is said to have all necessary trace 
elements, every week as the bottle states. 
I suspect that everything is provided, but not in the right amount. 
But what and how to solve this ?

Hugo Hoekstra