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RE: Too much oxygen

So if I understand correctly, the problem that causes this 'gas bubble
disease' is the extreme gas saturation of pressurized pipes, not just water
with a higher-than-normal gas level.  So by 'stirring up bubbles' with a tap
water change, I'm not hurting anything (either through the extra bubbles
stirred in from the air or from the extra mixing of new tap water into the
lower levels of the tank), but I'm not helping anything, either.  Right?

Which leads me to revisit the question of water changes from the tap...  is
'gas bubble disease' a rare problem, or a common problem?  If it happens,
does the fish death tend to be immediate (in other words, will I know if it
happens in a tank) or does death result from incremental damage?  Is it
enough of a problem to merit throwing away the Python in favor of ye olde

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland