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iron test kit

> Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 12:14:08 -0400
> From: "Daniel Boyer" <dpboyer at axs2k_net>
> Subject: Sera Iron Test Update

> So the key is to let the solution
> sit for a few hours to overcome the chelation (S. Lovell sent me a nice
> email explaining why this was the case, and I can post it if anyone is
> interested.)

Yes, why not. It can be a valuable piece of info. Beam it in !

> 2nd- Thanks to Dave Gomberg, for the suggestion that the test only requires
> 1 drop instead of the stated 3.  I ran two test side by side (allowing them
> to sit for 3 hours), one with 1 drop and one with 3 drops and the results
> were identical!!!

I noticed that the Sera iron kit starts at 0.25ppm. Is there a way to
measure iron at 0.1ppm with this kit?

I have read Dave's posting. Was that 25ppb parts per billion?

Zon Hisham