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Sara Iron kit

> Daniel Boyer wrote:

> I finally got an Iron test kit (Sera)... I tested my water 
> and it showed 0 mg/l so I added some Tetra Flora Pride
> ...waited 12 hours and retested... got  0 mg/l .... added 
> some more... tested a few hours later and it still shows
> up 0 mg/l!!!!  Whats the deal???  My plants can't be using 
> it that fast... Some one please help me.
Well,  specifically,  only Sera can help you.   You must ask them
explicitly what types of iron the kit tests for. One of the lists chemists 
will be more clear here,  but generally the iron we buy is often Fe-EDTA  
( typically FeSo4 chelated w/ EDTA ).  Following its addition to our 
tank it eventually changes its chelation status and oxidation state and will
become something other than Fe-EDTA.  If iron test kits tested for all 
the various types of iron,  we coudl have more confidence in the 
readings.  As a practical matter,  breaking the chelate is difficult for most 
hobbyists kits. I think the general opinion of the Sera kit is that it is 
not very high up there in the land of iron test kits for aquria.  I wish I 
could have more confidence in my own LaMotte kit.  I won't speak for 

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net